Priest Class Symbol Keyring


Resurrected in the sanctity of holy light, Realm One presents the first ‘Priest’ Keyring design. Do you consider yourself a sacred being of healing? A spiritual individual whom tends to get the blame for everything? Then by the light, you have been blessed! For an honest amount of coin, you can now purchase this keyring designed just for the Priest at heart.

Reverse Side (Optional)

Why not print your name on the back? You can have something like a Character Name or anything else you wish to include!


– 100% SATISFACTION – Hassle-free, no messing about, Returns Accepted! (Scroll down for more info)


The time has come yet again brave travellers, to take up arms, and wield this powerful trinket of awesomeness wherever you may roam. Take claim to these new Ye Olde Keyrings of awesomeness in whichever realm you may reside. Male, Female, or swamp creature, there is something for everyone!


These intricately designed symbols have been crafted to fit perfectly, housed inside a charming glass and metal keyring. The antique bronze finish really has that WoW factor, and the glass front magnifies and really lifts the symbol design, as if magic itself has been infused within it’s very core.




The antique bronze metal is consistent across the circular keyring to the added loop and swivel lobster clip / clasp. The metal is fairly weighty and durable and has been tested to last.

The Circular part of the keyring itself measures approx 1.1 inches diameter. 




Packaging is important to us, and whether it is a a gift for the gnome in your life, or just something for yourself, it should always feel nice to open a product you have paid for. So you wan’t to buy a keyring for gift, as it’s a fairly low cost option right? But then a bit of cardboard and cheap polythene doesn’t quite say ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘I broke your computer’ like something packaged all fancy. That is where we come in.


That’s why we have put together affordable, practical but beautiful packaging that adds that extra WoW factor to these items. The keyring, like our pendants, come placed in a sturdy black box, protected and displayed with a quality foam insert. The box also features a snug thick hammered card wrap around as part of the Realm One Brand, and to keep the inner box from sliding open accidentally. (Please see photos for example)




Every item we sell is ‘made to order’. This means that we don’t keep a large stock of pre-made products, but instead make each one as the order comes through. Why do we do this? As we offer customisation and personalisation we prefer to create each order after it has been received. This means that your Pendant has JUST been made for YOU. It hasn’t been squished in to a box for months, pondering the purpose of it’s own existence.


We dedicate our time to really focus on each item individually, and craft something we would be proud to send to you. Because of this, we take a little longer than your generic online shop, so we ask for 3-5 days before the item will be despatched. Sometimes we may be able to offer a quicker turnaround but some items, especially customised ones may take a little longer depending on the specifics. If you need to know how long your order will take, simply pop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




You’re already parting with coin for the t-shirt, why pay extortionate amounts for delivery!


To help you save costs we will automatically use shipping methods that are fast and reliable but economically affordable. You should be able to select alternative shipping methods on checkout, but if you require a specific service then please let us know and we will give you a list of methods and prices available.




We want you to love our products, and we want to keep you happy. So if you aren’t happy with something because it wasn’t as expected, then we will do everything we can to resolve the issue.


Reasons for returning: 


– Item may have been damaged in transit.
– Design is different from what was ordered.
– Item has been shipped with a hamster – I didn’t order a hamster
– I changed my mind and don’t want it any more.
– I changed my mind and don’t want it any more. (But I do want a hamster.)
– Another reason (Will have to be accepted before a refund or replacement can be accepted.)


Refunds & Replacements:


In some cases you will be issued a full refund for the initial purchase of the item and shipping paid to receive it. In other cases, for example if it is down to an accidental order, or a change of heart, shipping cannot be refunded. We will happily replace the item for you if you wish, but in some cases for orders outside of the U.K you will need to pay for shipping of the replacement. Unfortunately we cannot refund the cost of shipping to return the item as it is in your hands to which method of shipping you use.


Refunds and replacements can only be accepted if we receive the returned item in the same condition it was sent in. Unworn, unwashed and preferably with the tag left on.




All products are designed with quality in mind but as with most products, it has not been designed to be fully waterproof and so we cannot guarantee it’s durability when wet. Also, as with all metals, paints, plastics and any other material,  if you are irritated in any way by any product then you should stop wearing it, and inform us to see if we can offer an alternative solution and help where we can. Please note that the packaging may vary slightly from that shown in product images as we continue to update our branding.


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