Every item we sell is ‘made to order’. This means that we don’t keep a large stock of pre-made products, but instead make each one as the order comes through. Why do we do this? As we offer customisation and personalisation we prefer to create each order after it has been received. This means that your item has JUST been made for YOU. It hasn’t been squished in to a box for months, pondering the purpose of it’s own existence.


We dedicate our time to really focus on each item individually, and craft something we would be proud to send to you. Because of this, we take a little longer than your generic online shop, so we ask for 3-5 days before the item will be dispatched. Sometimes we may be able to offer a quicker turnaround, but some items, especially customised ones, may take a little longer depending on the specifics. If you need to know how long your order will take, simply pop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We check over every item before sending it to ensure you get an item worthy of purchase, and package them well to avoid damage during shipping. However we are only human (we think) and there is of course the rare chance for something to be missed or for an item to be damaged in transit. If you believe this may be the case with an item you have received, please contact us so we can remedy everything for you straight away! We pride ourselves on a focus on quality, so having happy customers is the most important thing to us. We also ask that you please consider giving us a chance to remedy any issues with an item before leaving a review as a faulty item is not reflective of the correct item. If you are the unfortunate receiver of a faulty, misprinted or damaged item, then we will replace it or refund you. Reviews are extremely helpful and also encourage us to improve existing items and keep make awesome new products! 


Personalisation is offered across multiple items. This typically incurs additional cost and often processing time depending on the specifics. We have set designs for the reverse printing of clothing where names, character names etc are requested using the form on product pages. However we can customise anything to your liking. We can also create you something entirely from scratch, simply request a quote through our custom loot form. 


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