Realm One is the personal project and venture of a Lord and Lady of the creative multiverse. 

All works featured are the collaborative efforts of Partners in time, Pete & Lou. With backgrounds in Art, Design, Illustration and a few other bits and bobs, they decided to share their creative imaginings, with like-minded folk across multiple communities.


Realm One first found it’s foothold in Fantasy Role-playing games. As lovers of all things Medieval and Medieval Fantasy, they immersed themselves within various games and communities that catered to these particular interests. Geek culture, now more than ever, has proven that such such diverse and passionate people across the world can come together to enjoy what they love. 

As creatives, they felt that they wanted to make designs and items that really focused on the intricacies at the heart of specific themes for all to enjoy. Through humour and artistic expression they designed products that they would want to purchase themselves. 


With a blend of Wit and Wearability, Realm One hopes to offer items that are a little….’different’ to others available across the interwebs.

Rather than basing designs on a specific fan base, Realm One products are inspired by certain broad themes that we all know and love. Over time the items for these themes will grow with new designs and new products. We hope that our community will embrace them all but the purpose of Realm One is to find something inspired by the themes you love. 


Everybody loves receiving something they have purchased when there is real thought behind it. Realm One’s focus is on the little details. From the products themselves, to the packaging and other bits and pieces you may receive with an item. Everything has been thought through so that when you open a parcel from Realm One, it’s more than just your generic purchase. It has a theme, it has a story and you feel part of our community.


Although it would be nice to start a business and make lots of money, there a likely better, simpler and more profitable ways to do it than Realm One. We are motivated by you. Our dream is to go to a convention, or even walk down the street and see someone wearing one of our products. We are filled with joy to see a complimentary review, or get a mention or hashtag with someone proud to show off something they have bought from us on social media. But more than that we want happy customers that feel as passionate about our little shop as we do about the themes that inspire us.